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Kubota BX80 Cab Options

Premium Cab for BX1880, 2380, 2680 & 23S

Available Exclusively From Kubota

See your Local Kubota Dealer For Details

BX4070 Air Conditioning is Available

BX4090 TLB & BX4090 23S

Click HERE to see more photos of the Curtis Cab for Kubota BX.

All-Steel Standard Cabs for Kubota BX1880, 2380 & 2680

(Does not fit the 23S TLB model)

Curtis aftermarket cab option (consumers see your Kubota dealer). High quality alternative to other soft side/canvas cab options.

  • Corrosion-resistant powder coat finish
  • 12-volt heavy-duty front windshield wiper included
  • Cab heater inclulded
  • Venting glass windshield
  • Venting/removable rear glass panel; locks open to vent or lifts out in seconds
  • Doors and rear panel are pin-hinged for easy removal
  • Large, clear glass windows and rear panel provide distortion-free visibility
  • Locking doors
  • Seal kit available*
*We recommend an optional seal kit for improved draft & dust protection.

Air Conditioning is Available

Air Conditioning Warranty - 1 Year Entire System (drive belt included), 4 years on the compressor, evaporator, and condenser cores.

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