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Power Sports Winches


Terra Series

Superwinch Terra ATV/UTV Winch Series: Premium performance, world-class components. Built in 3 capacities (2,500 lbs., 3,500 lbs. and 4,500 lbs.) and a choice of either synthetic rope or steel cable, there's a Terra that's right for you.

Terra 25
P/N: 1125220

Terra 25 with Synthetic Rope
P/N: 1125230
Terra 35
P/N: 1135220

Terra 35 with Synthetic Rope
P/N: 1135230
Terra 45
P/N: 1145220

Terra 45 with Synthetic Rope
P/N: 1145230

LT Series

A buyer's best choice for compact, quiet, all-purpose winching; the versatile LT Series winches from Superwinch are ideal for those needing a smaller, durable tool with reliability and function. Constructed with a low-amp, permanent magnet motor protected by a circuit breaker. Great winch for the casual ATV/UTV snow plow application.

LT 2000 ATV
P/N: 1120210

LT 3000 ATV
LT 4000 ATV
P/N: 1140220

LT 4000 SR with Synthetic Rope
P/N: 1140230


More pulling power, wherever you need it with the Superwinch Winch2Go. This 4000 lbs. capacity winch contains everything you need (straps, blocks, shackles) to make pulling a snap!


P/N: 1140222

Winch2Go with Synthetic Rope
P/N: 1140232



Wireless System - Certus
P/N: 06716

Superwinch Certus wireless remote. Designed for the FM band, Certus does not suffer from interference that can cause a dangerous run-on situation. In fact both the receiver and remote "talk" to one another and if that communication is interrupted on either end, the system safely stops.

ROAM Pro Winch Control
P/N: 2912

ROAM pairs with smart devices and your winch via a secure Wi-Fi network. From motor temperature (sampled several times a second) to amp draw to battery voltage and so much more, ROAM hands you the info you need to be safe and keep the winch in perfect form.


Pulley Blocks

Superwinch Power Sport and Utility pulley blocks feature an integrated hook that allows the pulley to act as both a pulley and a shackle requiring one less piece of heavy gear to bring along. This set up works with either synthetic or wire cable and is just the thing to get double the pulling power out of your winch.

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